Hervé  LENOUVEL       artiste peintre        



The time devoted in front of the canvas was the result of his personal journey translating the emotions he felt while working with color, composition and subject matter. Early on, Lenouvel embraced a figurative career and then moved towards a more suggestive approach. Equilibrium, shapes, harmony of colors, materials and light play a vital role in his paintings.

Though his art is abstract in nature, it has a representational aspect. The sense of movement combined with a rich color palette evoke feelings of emotion. Lenouvel masters his subject matter and expresses his ideas on canvas in a fresh approach that is pure instinct.

He reflects a world that captures an atmosphere of quiet sweetness. This process develops into a work of art where the viewer is captivated by Lenouvel’s vision translated on canvas.

Hervé Lenouvel’s paintings have been exhibited in France for over 25 years.